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Beginning -Africa Lesson Plans; a Place to Start

AFRICA: It's Not a Country

Lesson Plans for Teaching About Africa in the Early Elementary Grades

Created by Preservice Teachers at Utah State University, Fall 1998

Contact Person: Professor Deborah A. Byrnes (byrnes@coe.usu.edu)

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Africa Lesson Plans by Categories (Early Elementary)


General Introductory Lessons

Lesson Titles


African Stereotypes: Let's Be Fair

Turner, David

Are There Really Fifty-Three Nations Within Africa?

Ogden, Rochele


Daily Life in Africa Lessons

African Cities are Modern

Arnold, Cindi

Far and Near

Aston, Erin

A Child's Daily Life in South Africa

Batt, Alison

Everyday Life in Africa

Berge, Tara

Africa and Us

Beutler, Eve

African Clothing

Brown, Melissa

Daily Life

Brilliant, Julia

Building an African Compound (Shelter)

Caldwell, Rebecca

Life in Villages of Africa

Chidester, Molly

A Voyage to West Africa: The Gambia

Chipman, Chandra

A Trip to Gambia

Fowles, Shelley

The Day of Ahmed's Secret: Postcards from Cairo

Horner, Tiffany

Material World: Comparing the U.S. and Ethiopia

Hunzie, David

Masai and I: A Cultural Comparison

McMillan, Amy

Africa: Not Just One Big Safari

Murray, Melissa

African Markets

Nelson, Melissa

Africa/North America: How do we Compare Materially?

Smith, Sarah


Geography/Environment Lessons on Africa

African Rain Forests

Allard, Jill

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain

Hanks, Monica

Hunting and Gathering in the African Rain Forest

Lentz, Jaime

Africa's Aswan High Dam

Murray, Kaylene

African Savanna

Savage, Annie

Seven Natural Wonders of Africa

Stauffer, Jill

African Savanna

Tueller, Tammy

The Sahara Desert

Young, Julie Jacobs


Wildlife in Africa

Journey to a Wildlife Park in Tanzania

Blackburn, Monte

Wildlife on the African Savanna

Davis, Sarah

Animals of the African Savanna

Gladden, Angel


African Folktales

The Orphan Boy: A Masai Folktale

Anderson, Melissa

An African Folktale: The Orphan Boy

Beer, Jill

Folktales: A Cultural Teaching Tool

Hale, Tyresha

Cinderella in Africa

Eilers, Elizabeth

African Legends and Folktales: Told for a Purpose

Maughan, Susie

Comparing African, American, & European Folktales

Miller, Rebecca

A Moroccan Fairy Tale

Sagers, Denise

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters - Mapping the Story

Shea, Katie


African Languages

A Swahili Counting Book

Holt, Marie

Jambo Means Hello: An Introduction to Swahili

Jurinak-Harris, Jane

Appreciating African Languages

Marchant, Lisa

An Introduction to Counting in Swahili

McGregor, Kelly


Apartheid/South Africa

Appreciating Freedom: An End to Apartheid in South Africa

Carlson, Stephanie

South Africa

Mecham, Michelle


Children's Toys and Games in Africa

Games and Toys Reflect Resources

Bingham, Ruth Ann

Kameshi Ne Mputi: An African Game

Bird, Angie

Vulani Ringi Ring: A Circle Dance from Africa

Brown, Aliza

Toy Making and Resourcefulness

Buckner, Susan


Hallsten, Christa

String Games

Johnson, Elisa


Food and Africa

Foods in America that are From Africa

Billings, Kristi

Eating - Senegal Style

Dewey, Carin

Eating What We Produce: Africa

Montgomery, Tarrah

Grinding Corn in Swaziland

Morgan, Amanda

A Common African Food: Fou Fou

Olson, Trecia


Music, Art, & Beauty of Africa

Exploring African Music

Brady, Christine

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Gardner, Marie

Communicating Values and History Through Masks

McGregor, Tricia

Music in Africa

Thueson, Amy


African Names

What's in a Name?

DeFriez, Jennie

Yoruba Naming Ceremonies

Jensen, Anitra


Africa and the United States

How Did You Get Here?

Archuleta, Keira


Giles, Kari

Kwanzaa: An African American Heritage Celebration

Ratchford, Erin

Learning about Slavery

Stahle, Heath

The African Slave Trade

Wood, Heather