Out of Africa and into the Classroom: A teacher's dream site on Africa!

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Teacher Resources


Teaching About Africa at the High School and College Levels:

Understanding Sudan: http://www.understandingsudan.org/ModTeachingResourcesV1.asp?mod=6#Assignment

University of Illinois post-secondary units on teaching Africa:


British Broadcasting Company- The Story of Africa:



Univeristy of Oklahoma- Lesson Plans on Apartheid:



Outreach World- H.S. Lesson Plans and Recommended Books on Africa:



Unit on Apartheid:



Michicagan State University- Exploring Africa (included African Kingdoms):



Rutgers University- Variety of Topics on Africa:



UCLA African Studies Center- Global Link Teacher’s H.S. Curriculum:


 & *guidebook:



Provides links to Ethiopian Secondary Schools/Students!:



Google Earth-Take a Virtual Journey to Anywhere on Earth:



Africa Action-Social Justice (Includes Darfur, Zimbabwe, etc.):



Global Issues:



Pan African Visions-Positive News About Africa:



Oxfam-Darfur introduction & Lesson Plans (has plans on about any other African country, as well):



Oxfam-Global Music Lessons, ages 14-16:



Michigan State University- A-Z on Everything African Studies Related:



Africa Files- An A-Z link on Everything African Studies-Related:

University of Wisconsin, Madison- Lesson Plans on Africa:

Lesson Plans

Outreach World A collaboration between educators and scholars from the National Resource Centers, this web site provides access to curricular materials; search by region, country, and/or subject area
Oxfam Lesson plans and downloadable resources for teachers; particularly useful for educators seeking to explore issues of social justice around the world. Search by age group, topic, country, curriculum area, resource type.
Boston University Teaching Resources (Grades Pre-K to 12)
Exploring Africa! Michigan State University has created 20 modules in four units: -Why Study Africa? -Studying Africa through the Social Studies –Studying Africa through the Humanities –Regional Perspectives
The New York Times has created lesson plans for teachers that are synchronized with articles, lesson materials, and vidoes. Use the search box to look for Africa-related lessons.
ERIC Virtual Library (Education Resources Information Center) Search this database for lesson plans and resource guides on topics of interest to you.
Africa: It’s Not a Country (early elementary grades)
University of North Carolina African Studies Center
University of Kansas African Studies Center
Discovery Channel School Lesson Plans

Primary & Elementary

Stories from Africa (K-2)
Children of the World (Egypt, South America, Tibet,Bangladesh) (3-5)

Wheel of Pharaoh (3-5)
Africa: Peoples and Places (3-5)

Middle School

Africa: Economics and Change (6-8)
Africa: Shaped by the Past (6-8)
Africa Today (6-8)
The Nile (6-8)
Ramses the Great (6-8)
Slavery, Society, and Apartheid (6-8)
Ivory Wars (6-8)
Alexander and Alexandria (6-8)
The Equator (Kenya, Ecuador, Indonesia, Brazil, Singapore)(6-8)
Hidden History of Egypt (6-8)
Making Mummies (6-8)
Akhenaten (6-8)
Egyptian Antiquities (6-8)
Ancient Egypt (6-8)

High School

Inside the Pyramids (9-12)
Islam (9-12)
Women Monarchs and Heads of State (Featuring Hatshepsut) (9-12)
Desert Dwellers (9-12)
Africa: Names and Nations (9-12)
Empires of Early Africa (9-12)

PBS TeacherSource
PBS Africa : Teacher Tools K-12
Art, French , Music, Science, Social Studies and culture. These lesson plans are from K-12 teachers in IOWA.
National Geographic Society has a number of lesson plans about the various regions of the world separated by the 18 national social studies standards
Education Helper for reproducible lesson plans and activities for your class, lessons plans and more.
React and Respond: The Phenomenon of Kony 2012 Includes teaching guide to Kony 2012 video


 * A lot of the links on the preceding elementary page also includ k-12 lessons and resources.