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Lincoln Elementary Students Open Their Hearts for Ugandan Orphans

Throughout the winter months, students at Lincoln Elementary in Community Unit School District 200 have opened their hearts to orphans in Uganda. Starting in November, 4th & 5th grade Lincoln Elementary students embarked on initial fund-raising drive to raise enough money to build a dormitory for a Ugandan school & orphanage, whose 120 students have lost their parents to landslides.

Because of the devastation, the students of the Bunabumali Good Samaritan Orphanage & School are now sleeping in their mud-and-pole classrooms. The Lincoln Elementary students created fundraising brochures, complete with a persuasive essay and loads of pictures of the actual orphanage and school and have even connected with Bunabumali students as pen pals. In fact, the Bunabumali students have even written back and both groups of students have unbelievable enthusiasm.

Lincoln Students want to raise enough money to build a dormitory so the Ugandan students don’t have to sleep in their classrooms anymore. In Uganda, it costs $500 to build a mud and pole dormitory and $10,000 for a cement structure. So far, Lincoln Elementary students have raised $701 and hope to raise even more by selling “hearts” this Thursday.

On Friday, January 14th at lunchtime, Lincoln Elementary 4th & 5th graders will sell 3 different paper hearts to other students and staff to raise money for the Ugandan orphans. The hearts cost $1 for a red heart, $2 for a yellow heart, and $3 for a black heart. The students chose those colors as the colors of the Ugandan flag are red, yellow, and black. According to Ms. Jacqueline Lopushonsky, the teacher heading up this initiative, “my kids, like all kids exposed to inequities of the world, have big hearts, and want to make a difference.”

Sixteen 4th and 5th graders raised over $1,300 to build a dormatory for these Ugandan children.