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     I don't purport to be any expert on Kenya.  All we did was travel by train up to Nairobi, meet a discount tour guide company and go on a three-day safari from Arusha to the famous Serengeti, which lies in Tanzania and Kenya.  As always, we tried to meet local people to learn about the culture and their way of thinking.  One man asked me if I would marry an African.  I reponded, "A man's a man."  "Yes," he echoed, "A man's a man."

     While on safari we got to view the famous Ngorogoro Crater,  the infamous Oldouvai Gorge and myraid creatures that lived in both.

     I got to camp alone in a tent surrounded by about 30 other campers. In the middle of the night the hyenas got hold of the cooks' pots and pans and engaged in a raucaus howling debacle.  It was quite wondeful! Overhead, the stars were as if on a blanket of black velvet.  Pure nature, at its best.

     What struck me about Nairobi is that it is a lot like Chicago:  Skyscrapers, people in business suits, professionals of every ilk bustling around going to work.

     In the hotel they were watching Aly McBeal (It was the only American show playing).  What a crude representation of Americans; no wonder we have such a bad, lascivious rap!