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Swaziland was two-day blur.  I'll tell you one thing:  It was a welcome change after South Africa.

The land where the king still has 36 or so wives, Swaziland to me was a place to get off a bus and rent a car from the nice ladies above, who equipped us with a vehicle with no spare, no interior lights, and no tire-changing equipment.  Of course, we had a flat tire.

But that was after we climbed theDrakensburg (Dragon's Back) Mountains in the dead of night for hours on a one-lane, boulder-filled dirt road that had only one side (the other was a drop off) to find a sign that read: Border closed until 8 a.m."!  Thankfully, we had the only tools we needed:  A Swiss Army knife, a video camera and a bottle of wine.  So, with no people in sight for miles and miles, we holed-up in the cheesy red rent-a-car, watched all the videos we had taken, and snuck out back along side the vacant one-room post house to relieve ourselves periodically.  We did see one light further up the mountain in the distance.

The next morning we found fresh elephant dung outside our car.

During the day, once we passed through the border, we passed countless tree-clearings, boundless countryside, and visited a candle-making factory, where we only stopped because we had a flat tire.

Of course some nice man came and helped us.  I have no memory of how we got out of that country, but when we did, we were on a bus to Zambia.


Here is what Swaziland wants you to know about it: http://www.welcometoswaziland.com/twpub/pag.cgi?m=home