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Ninety-five percent Muslim, the exotic Tanzanian island of Zanzibar is a lush combination of the old Stone Town, where slaves were once housed and traded out of; magnificent pristine beaches; and blissful inland spice groves.  While adults don’t, for the most part, wish to be photographed, children in colorful garb flock to the camera and gladly take visitors down secret paths to their “special places.”

If you go there, take a bottle of nail polish and treat the girls to something sparkly!  I got the little sparkling clear coat with stars mixed in it and they thought it was dreamy!

While the old church in stone town where slaves were once quartered is sombering, it provides a piece of history about the slave trade which should never be avoided.  You can easily get a guided tour here or in the inland gardens through any hotel.  Henna is also available, so treat yourself to some spectacular body art while there.

Before you die, go to Zanzibar, the most romantic place on earth!