Out of Africa and into the Classroom: A teacher's dream site on Africa!

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      Interested in Teaching about Africa? Want the most authentic curriculum materials, links and suggestions, bypassing stereotypes and misinformation? You've come to the place where a sincere knowledge of and passion for Africa will light your lesson plans on fire!


     The author of this website has studied, taught about and visited Africa for 15 years. There is no greater African-centered viewpoint than you'll find online here!

     "Out of Africa and into the Classroom" will take you on a respectful journey into a continent overflowing with tradition, culture and beauty. You need look no further if you want to teach a rich, stunning and highly memorable unit about Africa, or a part of it!


     You can access the introductory page for each section by clicking directly ON that word. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us via the "Contact Us" link to the left.  We would be happy to help you develop a unit on Africa in any way we can!


Included in this site: 

  • Using Culturally Correct Terminology
  • Lessons (developing a unit) on Africa
  • How to begin planning a unit on Africa
  • The best African history web sites
  • Teaching about Africa in elementary and middle schools (K-12)
  • Teaching about Africa at the high school and college levels
  • Famous African kings and queens
  • Ancient African kingdoms
  • African studies organizations
  • African studies outreach centers
  • Ethiopia journal
  • Kenya journal
  • South Africa journal
  • Tanzania journal
  • Zambia journal
  • Zimbabwe journal
  • Congo video
  • Orphanages in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe
  • Leprosy settlement
  • African schools for the disabled
  • African life and culture across the continent


*Content by cited sites and author, Jacki Lopushonsky