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The top slide show presents urban and suburban life, while the rural areas are displayed

just above.


     I threw this page together for a Zimbabwean friend, Mela, who I met on the streets of Bulawayo back in1995. Mela, the beautiful journalist pictured above, had her  own T.V. show inZimbabwe.  She now lives in Indianapolis, where she recently did  a one-day workshop on Africa for children, for which she needed a slide show of her homeland.    Mela has basically been adopted by my family, and is loved dearly.  Mela is a poet extraordinaire.  Once she gets it published, she has promised to share it on this site

     The story of my Fulbright trip to Zimbabwe in 1995 and subsequent trip in 2000, is featured on the "My Fulbright Experience in Zimbabwe" page on this site.  While I was there, I was taken home with Mela, where I met her mother and siblings.  I was fed a hearty meal.  Now her siblings are grown up with children of their own.  Her father is retired from his mine-related work in South Africa and living back home with her mum.  I stay connected to Mela's home town high-density suburb of Luveve, and receive annual birthday cards from the family' minister.  If you wish to donate to this minister - Rev. Moyo's- church, to help support one of the many programs they have for orphans, send me a message on my "Contact Me" page.