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Writing or Teaching about Africa:  How to be Culturally Correct


Culturally Correct Terminology:

Developing Multi-Cultural Sensitivity

Words to Reconsider

Reconsider                                                   Consider

  1. American                                             Do you mean South American or North American?
  2. Tribe                                                    ethnic group 
  3. Hut                                                      house or home; a group of African homes is a compound. 
  4. Costume                                              traditional or native dress, or garb 
  5. Uncivilized, savage                                Rethink your sentence!
  6. Oriental                                                Asian
  7. Primitive                                               Primitive to whom?  Try traditional or indigenous.
  8. Third World                                           developing nation
  9. Tolerance                                             acceptance 
  10. Witch doctor                                         traditional healer 
  11. Native                                                   African (when used as a noun) 
  12. Arab                                                     Arabs are identified by the language they speak.                                                                         They may live in the middle east, far east or north Africa. 
  13. Bushman                                              San/Kung/Ju-Wasi 
  14. Pygmy                                                  forest people, or may refer to the specific ethnic group.                                                                                  (ie. Mbuti, etc.) 
  15. Jungle                                                    rain forest 
  16. Wives (having many)                               polygamy (noun: polygamist ) 
  17. Native                                                    African (Namibian, Ethiopian, etc.) or person


Created by J. Lopushonsky, 1995

* In 1995 I wrote a text entitled Out of Africa and into the Classroom: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Teaching African Studies to Elementary and High School Students. It is featured inNorthwestern University's Africana Library.  This document (above) is the key around which it all evolves.  I would welcome assistance in getting this curriculum guide published.

     I used this curriculum guide to train Chicago teachers in a workshop at the Chicago Museum for Contemporary Art and as a consultant developing teacher field-trip guide pieces at the Field Museum. It was also a central guide used for teaching African Studies and World Religions in my own 6th grade classroom.

     I can guarantee you, most adults don't even know these perimeters.